Owner and CEO

Joseph Michael Stevens (Mike)

Mike recently retired from the U.S. Government after forty-two years of service (to include military and civilian support).  Over the past twenty years, Mike’s primary focus has been in the area of defense acquisition, and for the last five years, he served as the Principal Architect of three MA IDIQ contracts* intended to provide services, contracted logistics support, RDT&E and acquisition/procurement support.    As the Director of Omnibus Contracts,** Mike also served as the Source Selection Authority, which involved oversight of the source selection process, review of over hundreds of proposals, and decision-making authority on contract/Task Order awards.

Mike has an MS in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School, a BS in Industrial Technology from East Carolina University, and an AA in Industrial Management from Fayetteville Technical Community College.  He is DAU Level III certified in Program Management and Test and Evaluation.

*Omnibus Program Engineering and Technical Support (OPETS) contract, Joint Enterprise – Contracted Logistics and Support Services (JE-CLaSS), and Joint Enterprise – Research, Development, Acquisition, and Procurement (JE-RDAP)
**In support of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD)

J Mike Stevens Consulting

A Note from the CEO

As one of a multitude of contracting and manufacturing consultants, I want to ensure that we stand alone. But what exactly does that mean? What distinguishes us from all other consulting firms offering similar services?

1. Maintain Honest, Open Communication:
We become a part of your team, facilitating open dialogue across the organization from leadership down to the lowest-level employee to establish a transparent, honest relationship founded by trust, accountability, and respect, as well as discreet confidentiality of your proprietary information. Unlike other firms, we do not just provide guidance. We get in at the ground level, roll up our sleeves, and work along side our clients. Our job is not complete until the client agrees we have achieved the stated mission.

2. Why You?
We help to isolate your secret weapon – the capability package that sets your business apart, delivers an advantage over your competitors, and keeps the customer coming back for more. With this knowledge, we train your staff on the best practices (e.g., proposal writing, acquisition and program management, quality control, etc.) to achieve maintain high capture rates and customer satisfaction.

3. Deep Dive:
We implement creative processes to explore all aspects of your business, from operations and resources to team dynamics and management. From the information gained, we assist in developing a cohesive, efficient business development model unique to your organization.

4. Primary Areas of Expertise:
– Provide professional review and technical writing assistance throughout proposal development, leading to submission of competitive technical proposals
– Assist with preparation of documentation for ITAR registration and licensing (US Dept of State), as well as registration and licensing of Enterprise Resource Planning (EAR – US Dept of Commerce)
– Serve as an acquisition integrator, providing acquisition and program management support to ensure manufacturers’ success on Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs) (current member of the Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Consortium)
– Provide on-site support to resolve manufacturing quality management issues (e.g., Corrective Action Requests (CARs), etc.), foster positive working relationships with Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), and develop plans to meet and exceed quality control standards

The end goal of our services is to leave you operating independently, with a capability to achieve contract award, retention, and continued success. Our billing strategy is also modeled after our business approach, which is to promote transparency and flexibility. We seek equitable compensation for our services and will work around your needs to determine an appropriate invoicing approach.

To provide your team with the tools needed to develop proposals that will clearly differentiate your business from the competition.

To serve as a force multiplier, assisting customers to build and mature the sound marketing and business development tools needed to achieve continued success in the defense acquisition marketplace.


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