Defense Acquisition Leadership Training & Development

Defense Acquisition Leadership Training & Development

The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible for supporting national security through five core functions: Acquisition; Research & Development; Sustainment; Security Cooperation; Operations. When DoD identifies requirements or capability gaps to meet challenges it faces, answers are sought through the acquisition of goods or services. Acquisition solutions can be either “existing” or “new.”

Defense Acquisition Leadership Training & Development is a new course proposed by Defense Acquisition University (DAU) to equip DoD professionals with leadership skills to manage their respective portfolios successfully. The program also aims to improve the ability of acquisition professionals to manage and fight emerging global threats successfully.
Target Public: Department of Defense (DoD) Acquisition professionals; Acquisition Action Officers, Managers and Supervisors; Contracting Officer Technical Representatives (COTRs); Program Managers/Directors/Officers in the Military Departments, Joint Commands and Agencies.

DAU course on a similar topic, Defense Acquisition Fundamentals Course of Instruction (COI), provides a foundation for newly assigned Department of Defense acquisition personnel. The proposed course is built on the foundation provided by existing DAU’s courses and builds upon them to give an overview of the knowledge required to manage a portfolio in DoD.
The course addresses topics that are critical to the success of current and future acquisition professionals. The topics include Leadership; Organizational Behavior; Communication; Teamwork; Decision-Making & Problem Solving; Ethics, Integrity & Professionalism; Career Development.

This course is focused on key leadership concepts and how it applies in the context of programs and portfolio management (further referred to simply as DoD acquisition). The intended audience comprises Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition professionals. It can also be taken by civilian employees who aspire to join the acquisition career field.

Program Management

Program Management is a systematic approach to achieving successful outcomes in the development, acquisition, management and life cycle of programs. It is also known as Program Management, Project Management; Systems Engineering; Capital Asset Management; Product Support Management.
Program management (further referred to as Program Managers) play a vital role in successful program outcomes for Department of Defense (DoD) acquisitions by managing their portfolios. Let dasg provide you with expert advice and guidance for all your program management needs.

dasg in concert with George Mason University provides a DoD Acquisition Essentials Course of Instruction (COI) for contractors.  We have highly experienced program managers, which can lead to DAU equivalency certification in multiple areas.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Even though your company has what it takes to fulfill a government contract, it can be difficult to win the work. dasg will help you understand and highlight your competitive edge so that you can capture your next government contract with ease.


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