What We Do

What We Do

We provide a multitude of services designed to make your defense contracting efforts successful.
Our mission is two-fold; to put you in the capture column and keep you there.

Business Development

Business development has often been a misunderstood concept. Many use it interchangeably with sales or marketing, but this highly undercuts what the field actually covers.

Capture And Retain Government Contracts

You want to win contracts in the U.S. Government defense acquisition industry, and Defense Acquisition Solutions Group is here to help you succeed.

Contracting Assistance

Contracting assistance is a generic reference to the information and guidance in contracting documents, which sets forth Government requirements and policies, and Contractor responsibilities. This includes pertinent Contract clauses, provisions, notices, signs, symbols and abbreviations. Contracting assistance is provided by contractors when they prepare offers for supplies or services under Contracting Officer (CO) supervision.

Certification Assistance

dasg can help you become fully registered under the VETS First Verification Program. This program affords verified firms owned and controlled by veterans or service-disabled people an opportunity to compete for federal contracts set aside like those from The Department Of Veteran Affairs (VA)

Program Management & Defense Acquisition Leadership Training & Development

Program Management is a systematic approach to achieving successful outcomes in the development, acquisition, management and life cycle of programs. It is also known as Program Management, Project Management; Systems Engineering; Capital Asset Management; Product Support Management.

Corrective Action Requests

dasg will assist your company in the development and implementation of plans and procedures to eliminate problems cited in the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Corrective Action Requests (CARS).

Cyber Security

Cyber Requirements and Guidance is meant to protect you as well as the country. Cyber Security has many factors to consider depending on the business. The government is vigilant in its security and knows that the businesses need a deeper understanding of what is possible and how cyber warfare impacts their mission. A breach can jeopardize or destroy a business and endanger the security of our country.


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