Program Management & Defense Acquisition Leadership Training & Development

dasg, (JMSC) in concert with George Mason University, offers DoD Acquisition Essentials Course of Instruction (COI). dasg provides actual instructors, writes the curriculum and conducts training. We provide non-federal employee acquisition expertise to the vast amount of the acquisition support contractors that can lead to DAU equivalency.

  • Taught by dasg’s highly experienced DoD Acquisition Program Managers. Our Acquisition Program Managers have DAWIA
  • Level III Certifications in:
      • PM
      • SPRDE
      • T&E.
  • The COI is the first step to obtaining the Acquisition Program Certification now being offered by GMU. It is designed to give contractors that are unable to attend DAU residency courses an equivalent instructional and learning experience.
  • Includes broad based instruction that links the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System with the DoD Planning-Programming and Budgeting (PPBE) processes to the DoD Acquisition System.
  • Course curriculum is customized to the needs of your organization and covers basic through advanced level learning of the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) and the DoDI 5000.1 and 5000.2.
  • Students, as part of a Program Team Integrated Processes and Product Team, work through scenarios affecting acquisition program