Contracting Assistance

Contracting Assistance

Contracting assistance is a generic reference to the information and guidance in contracting documents, which sets forth Government requirements and policies, and Contractor responsibilities. This includes pertinent Contract clauses, provisions, notices, signs, symbols and abbreviations. Contracting assistance is provided by contractors when they prepare offers for supplies or services under Contracting Officer (CO) supervision.

dasg Can Lead Your Company's Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Other Transactional Authority/Agreement (OTA) And Commercial Contracting Efforts From Proposal To Contract. After The Award, We Can Help With Administration And Provide Contractor Officer Representative Assistance.

We draft winning government proposals
dasg can help your company ensure that it is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. We will guide you through the process of submitting proposals, negotiating contracts to fit what’s best for our clients—and keeping them happy!

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for all your company’s Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Other Transactional Authority/Agreement, and Commercial contracting needs? With us, you can skip a passed proposal to contract by simply asking dasg what it takes to get an offer accepted with little or no hassle! If you’re confused, we’ve got this – call our team members who are specialized in contracting assistance so they’ll take care of business while providing expert contracting officer representation when needed most.

  • It’s our job to make sure your company has the necessary contract support
  • We can help with administration and provide contractor officer representative assistance
  • You’ll have a greater chance of winning government contracts
  • Reduce the risk of unintended federal penalties
  • Ensure compliance with all FAR, OTA, and commercial, regulatory requirements
  • Acquire products without worrying about legal repercussions
  • Obtain a contracting officer representative to provide valuable input throughout the acquisition process

Increased odds of securing government contracts

Stand Out from the Crowd

Even though your company has what it takes to fulfill a government contract, it can be difficult to win the work. dasg will help you understand and highlight your competitive edge so that you can capture your next government contract with ease.


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