Certification Assistance

dasg can help with licensing and certification under the International Trafficking and Arms Regulation (ITAR) and the VETS First Verification Program for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB).

International and Commercial import/export licensing-

  • dasg is licensed for international marketing and import/export of goods and services under the ITAR. We can be your liaison to work with companies, both foreign and domestic, to facilitate international trade.
  • dasg can assist your company to register for the U.S. State Department as an International Import/Export and Marketing Company. As your designated representative, dasg will complete and track ITAR registration forms and documentation.
  • Once you are registered under ITAR, dasg will assist in preparation of follow-on applications to obtain ITAR import/export and marketing licenses, Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA’s), and Manufacturing Licensing Agreements (MLA’s).
  • dasg assists in preparation and obtaining Commerce Department Export Administration Regulation Licenses for international import/export of equipment and services.

VOSB and SDVOSB Certification-

  • Federal contracting officers may restrict competition and award sole source contracts to VOSB under the Veterans Benefits Act of 2003. By law, Federal Government must award a percentage of all contracts to VOSB certified businesses (set asides).
  • dasg can assist your company with preparation and submission of documentation to become a fully certified VOSB or SDVOSB.
  • dasg can assist with becoming fully registered under the VETS First Verification Program. This program affords verified firms owned and controlled by Veterans and Service-Disabled Veterans the opportunity to compete for Veterans Administration contract set asides.