Contracting Assistance

dasg can lead your companies Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Other Transactional Authority/Agreement (OTA) and Commercial contracting efforts from proposal to contract. 

After the award, we can help with administration and provide contractor officer representative assistance.

FAR Contracting

  • dasg can assist with review of solicitation documentation to establish a firm understanding of customer requirements.
  • dasg can assist your team to identify proposal win themes and develop the framework for a compliant proposal.
  • We will work with your team to assign and distribute proposal technical writing assignments, consolidate team input, and bring all content together to form a compliant and competitive end solution.
  • dasg will participate throughout the entire proposal development. We will engage in color team reviews to ensure adherence to customer requirements and assist to infuse competitive language that answers the “why you” question.
  • dasg can assist with the development of requirement-compliant acquisition strategies, plans, and schedules (technical proposal content) as well as cost and pricing data.
  • We can develop and prepare Official Conflict of Interest (OCI) mitigation plans.
  • dasg can prepare and execute Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans (QAP’s, QASP’s, etc.)
  • dasg can assist in identifying and developing risk issues and opportunities, risk quantification, and mitigation strategies. We can also assist with preparation of value engineering change proposals.

Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) - Other Transaction Authority/Agreement (OTA) Consortium Member

  • dasg is a member of the CWMD Consortium, and is characterized under the OTA as a “non-traditional” Government Contractor.
  • dasg applies research and development in the critical technology fields of countering weapons of mass destruction and any additional, related capabilities applicable to CWMD technology.
  • dasg (JMSC) is registered and licensed as a Broker, Manufacturer and Exporter under the International Trafficking of Arms Regulations (US State Department- ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (US Commerce Department-EAR).
  • As a member of the CWMD OTA Consortium and licensed under the ITAR and EAR, dasg ( JMSC) provides defense acquisition services and support to U.S. and International Chemical and Biological defense companies for manufacture and import-export of related CWMD equipment, materials and technologies to ensure cost, schedule and performance parameters are achieved.

Commercial Contracting

  • dasg has extensive knowledge in commercial proposal requirements compliance.
  • We have the capability to dispatch employees to commercial enterprises and assist your organization to identify problems/issues and implement corrective actions regarding contracting activities.
  • We provide interim support while training new employees to assume leadership, management, and analyst responsibilities.
  • dasg can work with commercial facilities to register under the Government System for Award Management (SAM).
  • We can provide recovery efforts for companies that no longer have employees registered with SAM

Post Award Transition Activities

  • dasg can provide inbound companies with support for hiring, resume review, requirements compliance, and clearance support.
  • We assist with identifying potential candidates and help with on-site and off-site integration into your organization.
  • dasg has extensive experience with conflict management and employee improvement plans.